Virtual Design & Construction

The use of virtual design and construction processes allow D.P. Electric to mitigate and correct errors throughout all stages of the project lifecycle, and can provide increased efficiency and significant savings for your project.

A Tempe electrical contractor from D.P. Electric will work with the client and subcontractors throughout every step of the project to develop accurate models within a short timeframe. VDC provides the capability to show the project design exactly as it is intended as well as alerting all parties of areas of concern prior to becoming a reality in the field. Using BIM and 3D clash detection, we can identify and fix problems virtually, preventing issues from causing havoc during construction.

We make sure the model stays ahead of construction and that the constructed product matches the model, providing our clients with a reliable graphic model that adds value for the client.

Our processes for integrating VDC activities with the design and or construction team can include:

  • 3D Modeling - AutoCAD MEP: Ability to create 3D models of your project allowing you to visualize the final results prior to build.
  • BIM Technologies-Navisworks - to search out clashes in design and visualization of electrical design, space utilization and trade coordination on large projects.
  • Trimble Robotic Total Station: Taking BIM to another level, D.P. Electric can use Trimble to achieve on-site construction verification and interaction with the BIM digital model. Use of the Trimble Robotic Total Station can allow us to quickly and accurately lay out our underground installation along with light fixture placement and power distribution overhead routing. Site lighting, trench lines, stub-ups, floor boxes, room layout as well as setting locations of SES’s and generators are just a few of the usual tasks we employ the Trimble unit for. Multi-floor projects pose no problem for the Trimble, as we utilize it to layout exact light and rod (all-thread/blue-banger) locations throughout.

VDC Coordination can be accomplished both on-site and remotely using multiple medium options including DP’s’ FTP site, e-mail; full scale color prints; 3D models; and, 2D shop drawings. Our Field Supervisors have on-site computers with the capability of viewing the entire model in 3D to eliminate coordination confusion.

For more information about the VDC services we offer, contact a Tempe electrical contractor at D.P. Electric today. Call (480) 858-9070 now.