Safety & Training

Leading the industry in safety best practices

Safety First

As our number one priority, we put safety concerns above production, schedule and profits! Safety is much more than a routine policy at D.P. Electric and is embedded within the culture of our company.

At D.P. Electric Inc., our Zero Tolerance Safety Policy against all unsafe work practice is the basis for why we have some of the safest working conditions in the industry. In addition, D.P. Electric has a strict policy against employees working on energized circuits. If hot work is proven absolutely necessary, a detailed construction electrician safety and procedural plan is written, reviewed and approved prior to any work being started. Proper safety procedures are then followed including the use of flame resistant clothing, safety face shields, insulated gloves as well as a First Aid/CPR certified partner to monitor the procedure.

Best Practices Safety + Health Program

Our employees are required to adhere to our Safety and Health Program, which is modeled after best practices within the electrical industry. This program imparts the proper attitudes each field manager, crew member and employee must have towards injury and illness prevention.

Dedicated Safety Director + Onsite Safety

D.P. Electric has a full time Safety Director responsible for risk management, training, and enforcement of all safety policies to ensure a safe work environment is maintained.

When it comes to on-site safety, our industry relies heavily on the front-line field managers as they have the most interaction with the field crews and are responsible for day-to-day safety. With this in mind, D.P. Electric Inc. requires our field managers to be OSHA 30 certified, First Aid trained and CPR trained. Our journeymen and apprentices are OSHA 10 certified, First Aid/CPR trained or are in the process of becoming certified.

.84 EMR Safety Rating

The Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of a company is a reflection of its safety record. A rating of 1.0 or less is generally considered very excellent and qualifies a contractor to work for owners who select only safe contractors. At DP Electric, Inc. we are proud to continuously maintain an EMOD of less than 1.0, with our current EMOD of .84.