CyrusOne Data Hall Expansion – MV Distribution System

Project Description

As part of a recent CyrusOne data hall expansion, D.P. Electric was contracted to expand the existing MV distribution system on the site to accommodate the increased power needs for the expansion. The scope of work included the procurement and installation of

  • (5) five new 2500kVA, 12.47kV-277/480V MV transformers w/pads, 
  • (5) five new 400A, 15kV medium-voltage switch sections/cabinets with connection to existing MV switch sections, 
  • (1) new MV manhole/vault, 
  • (15) 200A, 15kV Load-Break elbow terminations, 
  • (15) 15kV stress cone terminations, and 
  • approximately 750 lineal feet of concrete encased duct bank with all associated excavation, shoring, backfill, compaction, conduit, racking, and 15kV cable.

The entire MV scope of work was complete, tested, and energized, within a four week window, which included the installation of (10) ten parallel transformer secondary feeders per MV transformer to 4000A, 277/480V, 3P4W, and Main Distribution Switchboards within the existing building.    

Size:  N/A
D.P. Electric
 April 2014
Unique Aspects:
 Expedited Schedule, Entire 4 week scope completed, tested and energized within 4 week window