Sky Harbor Airport T4 Security Checkpoint + Checkpoint C

Phoenix, Arizona

Project Description
D.P. Electric was selected by Austin Commercial to assist in the remodel of Checkpoint C and expansion of the Security Checkpoint at Terminal 4 of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The expansion of the Security Checkpoint at Terminal 4 began in March 2006 and was completed in May 2007. D.P. Electric delivered quality work on the expansion so Austin Commercial selected D.P. Electric again for the work for Checkpoint C.

The remodel of Checkpoint C included a 17,451 sf expansion and a 9,723 sf remodel of the existing space. The remodel included an upgrade of the existing facility with the latest TSA equipment and increased the current four lane capacity to a potential eight lane checkpoint.

During the project, the airline was still operating. Therefore, D.P. Electric had to make careful and cautious consideration to complete the work without any disruption to the airline and its operations. The remodel of Checkpoint C began in April 2008 and was completed two years later, in April 2010.

Size: 27,174 sf
Owner: City of Phoenix
Contractor: Austin Commercial
Architect: DWL Architects
Completion: April 2010
Attributes: Construction completed with minimal disruption of ongoing airport operations/traffic