Marina Heights: A Lesson In Construction Ballet



One road in and out, dozens of vendors vying for space, a time crunch, and an award-winning build—Marina Heights was no ordinary job site. This delicate and painstaking juggling of moving parts can be described as nothing short of ‘construction ballet.' 

The sheer number of people needed to keep the job moving at its scheduled pace proved a true test to the flexibility, coordination, and accountability of crews and vendors alike. D.P Electric equipped the nine-story, 361,515 square foot facility with BIM services, the furnishing & installation of fixtures, lighting power distribution, HVAC, Switchgear, & 150KVA UPS units. D.P.’s crew, which topped out around fifty members at the peak of activity, arrived and departed the job site via shuttles to accommodate the shortage of onsite parking. This absence of space had no effect on the timeliness and synchronization of the work at hand, as the job was completed ahead of schedule. Not to mention, D.P. crews worked over a million man hours on the Marina Heights project without a single safety incident. 

The smooth completion of this array of tasks is due largely in part to Ryan Companies’ detailed orchestration of everything from the raising of walls to the timing of deliveries. Despite close quarters and an immense workload, the project was wrapped ahead of schedule and the results were every bit as impressive as promised. 


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