D.P. Electric Recognizes Summer "Employees of the Quarter"

D.P. Electric Highlights Summer “Employees of the Quarter”

The award is given to one field and one office employee that demonstrates outstanding work in their position

TEMPE (August 12, 2014) - For the second quarter of the year, D.P. Electric would like to recognize Field Operations and Safety Manager Ernie Bonham and Senior Field Manager Mike Whetstone as “Employees of the Quarter”. Ernie and Mike were recognized by President Dan Puente, management and their peers for their hard work, helpfulness, and the continued value they bring to their position. 


 From left, Ernie Bonham, DPE President Dan Puente, and Mike Whetstone 

About the Recipients

Ernie Bonham, Field Operations and Safety Manager

Ernie came to DP Electric in 2012 with 34 years’ experience in the electric field. Learning the trade from his uncle, Ernie has developed a vast knowledge of the industry through dedication in his craft and a continued commitment to education. Ernie brings value to not only his position as field operations and safety manager, but to the electrical trade as a whole participating in the SKILLS USA and Arizona National Craft Championships as the Arizona Builder’s Alliance (ABA) chairman. He also participates in the ABA Summer Intern Program and is going on his 20th year of serving as an instructor for electrical program at Gateway Community College.

Ernie enjoys working with DPE because of his co-workers and the team environment. In his spare time, Ernie loves to sky dive, surf, go shark cave diving, and teach aspiring students in the ABA electrical program four nights a week.

Mike Whetstone, Senior Field Manager

Mike Whetstone, the field employee of the quarter, has risen through the ranks to be a top senior field manager through his tenure at D.P. Electric. Mike got his start in the electrical trade at 18 years old, and was similarly introduced to it by his uncle. Now with 20 years of experience, 17 of which are with DPE, Mike is recognized at work for his commitment to the projects he oversees and work ethic.

As a tenured employee at DPE, Mike considers many of the people he works with family, and says this is his favorite part of the job. When he’s not working, he applies his technical prowess to electronics, having built two of his home computers and owning 14 video game systems. He also enjoys taking road trips and taking hikes with his wife when time permits. 

About D.P. Electric

D.P. Electric is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona and is one of the largest commercial electrical contractors in Arizona. Founded in 1990 by Daniel J. Puente, the business began with one employee and has since grown to exceed $30 million in annual revenues. Key market sectors include: education, healthcare, mission critical, renewable energy, retail, corporate office, government and power and energy. For more information visit www.dpelectric.com.